Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bee & JR

Bee & JR made this shoot extremely easy, great couple. I shoot this wedding at the Florida Aquarium. I really enjoy shooting there because the lighting in there is so challenging but when you get it, it looks very cool.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nicole and Barry

Super cool couple!!!! I had a great time shooting Nicole and Barry. There was a point during the shooting where Barry turned to me and said "You are enjoying this Uh? Maybe you should be paying us with all the fun your having.

The wedding was at Marco Ocean Beach Resort.

Shannon & Kurt

Shannon and Kurt got married at the Sand Pearl in Clearwater Fl. Just Breathe Productions did a great job Coordinating the event and Shannon did a great job at just being EXTEREMLY beautiful and Kurt did a great job at being cool!

Shelley & Ben

I had a great time shooting Shelley & Ben's wedding. Great couple and the family's are just as cool. It's not that often I get a chance to sit down and connect with the family's as much as I did with the Poppleton's and Sciortino's.