Saturday, March 22, 2008

WPPI in Las Vegas

As usual, we had a blast in Vegas. I took my wife for the first time and she really enjoyed seeing a different side of our business. Lots of people, lots of networking, lots of...parties. :-) We had the opportunity to meet a ton of great people in the business, that's always the best thing about going. The classes we attended were great too! I unfortunately didn't get to buy anything, but I'll be buying a new lens soon though...I can't wait! Here are some pictures from the photo booth that my wife and I took with my best friend Arnold Johnson. That was a lot of fun!! Can you believe that these are the only pictures I have? I didn't take a camera...purposely. ;-)


Rebecca Zoumberos said...

Phillip - omigosh these are hilarious! I am determined not to miss out again next year - looks like fun! Great to see you at CVP:) Did you ever connect with the Bahamas lead?

Dawn Eleyet said...

Hey Phillip,
Looks like you had a great time! Your wife is beautiful. Just wanted to say "Hi" (one of your birdes, Dawn Eleyet.) You have really inspired me to work more on my photography, thank you! I finally got a flash for my camera. Wow what a difference you were right.
Take care!