Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jennifer & Michael

Here are some pictures from the wedding I shot this weekend. Jennifer and Mike are awesome. They gave me a lot of time to work with them (gotta love it) and we had a great time doing it. The wedding took place at Ybor City Museum and the reception was at the Don Vicente Historic Inn, Paula at A-List Events was just that A-List, she did a great job. The beautiful flowers are from Flowers By Jenny.


Cindy said...


I stumbled upon your website via an ad and link on Craig's List. Your creative talent and vision for capturing moments of life and love are beyond compare to any I have ever seen! I dream of someday becoming as aspiring of an artist as you via my nature photography. I love the ambiance of your website and how you display your work, along with the flow and passion of the music you have chosen!

Phillip Lloyd Photography said...

Thank you Cindy. I try very hard at getting better with very shoot. It sounds like your very passionate about your work, keep it up.