Thursday, July 10, 2008

Baby Update

Well, we're getting closer. My wife is now in her 3rd trimester!! It won't be long before we no longer get any rest whatsoever!! We can't wait for that part!! We wonder so often what he will look like. My wife says she knows he's going to have her nose...she says she can see it in the ultrasound (her nose is more pointy). We'll see.

The baby shower is coming! We are so excited about the baby shower! We really are looking forward to celebrating this great milestone with our wonderful friends. Our shower is being hosted by Shannon Wilson of Table 6 and Aymee Sutterby of They are working so hard on putting it together. I think this will be the baby shower of the century! So far, the shower is going to be at the NoHo Bistro in Tampa. The invitations were done by Not From a Box Inc. and they were so cool! Jackie Ross is getting our cake (as well as a truckload [literally] of baby items) from Chocolate Pi - the best cakes in town, and the flowers are coming from Ian at Botanica - their flowers are always amazing. Everyone has been so kind in dedicating their time, supplies and money for my family and I am more gracious than words can express. We are not only being blessed with a new baby, but we are also blessed to have such great friends!! It really means a lot to us.


Gina Leigh said...

Congratulations! I didn't realize you were expecting. The shower sounds fabulous. :)

Phillip Lloyd Photography said...

Thank you! Yes, the baby is on the way...there's no turning back now!! She's 7 1/2 months now...not too much longer to go. Shannon and Amyee are really going out of their way to make this shower amazing.