Saturday, August 30, 2008

Baby Update!!!

The baby -

We finally have our official "Birth Date". My wife will be delivering the baby by way of a scheduled c-section on September 23, 2008 at Brandon Regional Hospital!! My Mother-In-Law will be coming in from Denver to help take care of the wife and kids during the time that I may have to work. Oh - and possibly to bond with her 8th (and maybe final) grandchild. ;-) Alex will be "on location" to make sure we get some nice footage of Mr. Myles to share with everyone. Please send a prayer up for his safe and healthy arrival. We cannot wait for the little guy to get here. We have the nursery all set up with his Classic Pooh decor. We wonder so often what he'll look like and what kind of personality he'll have. The wife is growing more and more tired everyday, she told me last Friday that she was officially tired of being pregnant. At 9 months, she's pretty uncomfortable. She's convinced the baby is trying to take out one of her vital organs with his kicks...maybe we have a little soccer player on our hands.

The shower -

The shower was a blast!!! The consensus was that this was the best baby shower ever!! We didn't know that we were so loved! Shannnon, Aymee, Jackie and Zoe really put a great event together. The location was awesome - the NoHo Bistro has such a relaxing environment and the food was really good. We had mini cheeseburgers on Hawaiian rolls, chicken strips, onion rings, sweet potato fries and our favorite - fried rice in mini Chinese take out containers. We also had a pickles and ice cream bar. There was an assortment of pickles and olives, and ice cream with all of the toppings. What a good idea! The featured drink of the night was "The Bubbly Baby Boy" which consisted of champagne with a splash of Curacao. The cake came from Chocolate Pi. They did a great job on it. It was in the shape of a crown and had the baby's monogram on it - tasty too!! The DJ was awesome! He played soft music throughout the night that allowed everyone to relax and enjoy themselves. The flower arrangements were simply beautiful! Botanica really outdid themselves with the beautiful blue and white centerpieces and arrangements. The way the shower was set up was simply breathtaking. We all know that "the girls" wouldn't do anything that wasn't in that category though. :-)

We received so many beautiful gifts. We did not open them at the shower which was disappointing for some and probably excellent for the men who were attending their first baby shower - like me. We actually liked not opening the gifts at that time because it gave us a chance to spend more time with our friends. It also gave our children an opportunity to be involved - my wife let them open all the gifts when we got home that night while she wrote everything down. It was like Christmas for them!

We had so much fun spending time with all of our friends. My wife's girlfriend surprised her by driving all the way down from Atlanta just to come to the shower! They got the chance to hang out for a couple of nights and that was really nice for her....she just wished they could have shared a bottle of wine. lol We once again, wanted to thank everyone for everything they have offered to us. We are so blessed to have a group of friends who are so selfless. Thank each of you for loving us and blessing us with your friendship.

Phillip and Tamika

Shannon, Phillip and Tamika

Mike, Jocelyn and Alex

Our gift table.


Mini cheeseburgers...mmmmmmmmmmmm

A gift bag for Myles - proof that he'll be taking after his Daddy. :-)

Our guests enjoying themselves.

Mike and Judy

Phillip and Paul

Aymee and Paul

Shannon and Aymee

Our featured drink

Shannon, Andrea, Judy and Becky in the background

Our favors

Our favorite - the fried rice

Our Location

Our cake from Jackie for Mr. Myles Lloyd McDonald

Our monogrammed napkins - so adorable

Our beautiful arrangement

Our gift basket from Shannon, Aymee and Jackie - This had our favorite gift in it...the Wee Block - google it!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, the shower looked amazing! Congrads again! That must be exciting to know the birth date. I can't wait to see pictures of Mr. Myles. Take care.
Dawn Eleyet