Friday, January 9, 2015


I was speaking with a client about trust in a meeting the other day, and this group of images came up. The story behind the images: The wedding of Hilary and Jared took place at the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota FL. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding. All of the family pictures were out of the way and it was time for the bride and groom images. Hilary and Jared wanted some shots on the beach, but this very scary rain cloud was forming right over the top of us. Hilary was visibly and understandably upset that this rain cloud would ruin her opportunity to get sunset images on her wedding day. I purposed that we go and shoot anyway. I explained that all we needed were five quick minutes to shoot; it would take us longer to walk out on the beach than it would take for me to actually shoot the images. I knew that if I could get out there and grab a few quick shots it would all be worth it! Had Hilary and Jared not given me their trust, we wouldn't have these beautifully unique pieces of art to look back on.

Trust is very important when working with your photographer. Not every situation is going to be ideal or perfect, but when you have mutual respect and trust, no rain cloud or unforeseen situation can keep you from capturing the beauty of your moment.

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